Offering next gen marketing

We offer next generation marketing for the digital age. This includes search engine optimization and efficient website hosting. We use industry-proven tools as well as more advanced proprietary AI in order to keep our clients ahead of the competition.

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We strive to give our clients best-in-class services while being priced competitively. Our goal is to keep our relationships with our clients transparent and collaborative to ensure high-quality personalized services. We understand that running a small business is challenging so we we ready to adapt our service to your unique product or service!

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Provide AI solutions

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Raaj Patel
COO & Partner

Raaj Patel has always been deeply interested in technology, becoming entranced with computers at first and then with the stuff that runs them, computer science. Years of coding lead and a passion for efficiency lead him to find SEO. With optimization in mind, he helped found Existean. Raaj plans to continue his education by studying Computer Science BS at Texas A&M University.

Nate Stelling
CFO & Partner

Nate Stelling was born with business in his blood. Interested in the nuances of business and economics he plans to study Finance and International Business in college. A well versed writer with superior rhetoric, he came into the SEO with the perfect tools and a passion for efficiency and service.

Nayan Bandaruuuu
CMO & Partner

Nayan has been STEM-focused his entire life. Recently he has found a passion for business and plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in business.

Arpan Dhatt
CTO & Partner

Arpan Dhatt has been studying artificial intelligence for 3 years, focusing on computer vision and natural language processing. He is well versed in the techniques used to create state-of-the-art neural networks from breast cancer detection networks that outperform certified NHS radiologists to Google DeepMindā€™s Starcraft AI.

Saaketh Chennaghari
CSO & Partner

Saaketh has significant experience in Debate and in Computer Science which he leverages to help existean serve its customers. Currently ranked 9th in the nation in debate, he also has significant experience teaching computer science, and interning and working at major IT firms and finance companies such as TD Ameritrade. Saaketh strives to use his expertise and knowledge to help businesses grow through Existean.

Arez Aziz

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Regan Larimer
Project Manager

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Andrew Fees
Sales Manager

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