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Marketing has evolved.

The 21st century has brought about new methods and strategies to connect with valuable customers. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technology, Existean is at the forefront of the marketing revolution!

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Existean is the leading AI-powered digital marketing agency. Our technology and marketing expertise allow us to get ahead of the competition and drive more high-quality leads for our clients.

Onsite SEO

At Existean, we not only manually revise your website but constantly parse it. Using our proprietary Onsite SEO AI we are able to quickly pinpoint issues and implement a solution. Our Artificial Intelligence continually learns using a feedback loop connected to all of our client’s websites.

SEO Copywriting

Work with Specialized SEO Copywriter to further your audience’s interaction with your copy. Though this is very difficult Existean is constantly looking for ways to keep our clients on top and content is a gateway, though we don’t have an AI-ready we are working hard to reverse engineer the GPT-2 AI created by OpenAI to effectively and efficiently create better content.

Strong Link Building

Since the inception of Google, the Google Core Algorithm has relied on links so much in fact that it has become their #1 ranking factor.

Local SEO

The Internet can be a great resource for businesses and Google is a great way to get out there. Work with our Local SEO team, to not only maximize the amount of online traffic to your site, but also the amount of traffic walking through your doors.

General SEO Consulting

Book a meeting with the Team at Existean and together we will explore unique SEO Opportunites, create a list of strategies, give you steps to follow, and create a personalized SEO plan for your business.

Pay Per Click

Using our Artificial Intelligence and expert techniques in Data Gathering we were able to create an algorithm that automatically detects whether it is cost-effective to run paid ads and will automatically set up a campaign and begin running ads. By utilizing these automated systems we are not only able to stay ahead of the competition with our ads but also ensure that we pay the least amount possible to run your ads.

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We only provide services that we KNOW will deliver the growth you're looking for. By carefully catering digital marketing strategies to your business, we show clear, impactful results, and engage with your target audience in a meaningful way.


Use Existean to build your organic rankings, gain tons of natural links, and increase your website traffic.

Web Hosting

A ton of website hosting options, 99.9% uptime guarantee, free SSL certificate, and easy WordPress installs.

Game Hosting

Host up to 57 game servers, including Minecraft, ARK: Survival, Rust, 7 Days to Die, and more!

VPS/Dedi Hosting

Your cloud-powered VPS at a killer price. Starting at $10/month. Order today!


How it works

Search Engine Optimization

Shocker that we actually need to say this. But we ran a study and realized that 84% of our clients come out of engagements with other SEO agencies that had no real strategy for reaching SEO greatness. How do you reach SEO greatness without a strategy? You don’t… It’s a trick question. Without a strategy, everything you do is a random act of SEO. And we already talked about that.

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Web/Game Hosting

Fast, Secure, & Always Up. Guaranteed. Everything You Need. 60 Day "Money Where Our Mouth Is" Guarantee. Come See why we are the best.

With some of the biggest sandbox and multiplayer games being released this year there is no wonder why the demand for game hosting, voice servers and dedicated servers at an affordable price are in such high demand.

Our Servers

VPS/Dedicated Servers

Get access to a remote desktop of your server with the operating system of your choice. This way, you can install anything you want on your server.

Hosting a game via a dedicated server or VPS will allow you to enjoy the game with your friends with visibly smoother gameplay and much lower ping.

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